Torn between Nikon and Canon

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Re: Torn between Nikon and Canon

Before you jump, you should note that Canon just introduced a successor to the XTi and Nikon is rumored to have a new consumer body up its sleeve.

Canon may have an advantage in high-ISO performance. Canon also has a medium priced full-frame body (5D) with amazing high-ISO performance. Moving way up-scale, they offer the $8000 1DsMk3, which is far beyond even the Nikon D3.

Nikon has 18-135 and 18-200 lenses. Canon does not, even though they do make equivalent ones for full-frame. Not only is Nikon's flash system better, it's less expensive.

They're both great systems. I chose Nikon for the ergonomics, the quality of the kit lenses, and the flash system.

What do you photograph? That could help us advise you.

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