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This is my last post in this thread. This is a no win argument and as I said before I came here to read the DC info. I never said Microsoft created the browser. Please don't put words in my mouth. I know the story of Mosaic and much of the history of the computer industry. I'm not saying I'm an expert. If I want to sound stupid I can do it on my own. I just said they made a better product. Okay maybe I should have said they created a better product. Also netscape gave there browser away for free before Microsoft. I just think we should just let this thread die an ugly death because we are just spinning our wheels. So this is a truce. I think you have many good points to make but I reserve the right to differ. My final statement on this subject. I believe Microsoft did break some laws. I also believe they have resolved may of the issues (I know that will get a response :> ) ) I just do not believe it should reach the level of antitrust because the biggest screamers, Sun and Oracle are just as guilty and even more so. I also believe that government intrusion has usually hurt industry because government cannot force industry to innovate the way they want it to end up. Government always fails. They are about to mess up the computer industry and not just because of Microsoft.

DCsince89 wrote:

Larry Young wrote:

Right now I feel like I'm alone with this but Netscape is a great
example. It was a good program at one time. Microsoft created
there product to compete. We can argue till the cows come home
whether MSFT kicked them in the butt. My point is Netscape sat on
their butt and let MSFT take it away. As a user and developer
Netscape today is terrible. Whatever you say about what happened
before, AOL has the resources to fix Netscape. That is what they
are say they are doing now. My point again is they had plenty of
time to compete with IE.

Larry, this is where you and countless of others are so ill-informed.

MS DID NOT create Internet Explorer.

If you read your About Box in IE or know any history of the web and
browers, one of the first released to the general public was
Mosaic. Any who created (or the lead creator if you want to get
picky) Mosaic? That would raise hairs on most people's neck if they
know that!

Now MS licensed Mosaic and HAS improved upon it and gave it away
when other (ie. Netscape) were charging but don't every confuse
buying an existing technology and making it better with creating

How could Netscape compete with IE if IE is included it (forget the
part about giving it away for free for download) with every new
computer and software upgrade but Netscape is not allowed to?

If your market dwindles to nothing and you don't have the resources
to compete with anti-competitive practices what's left to do.

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