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Hi All

There are two questions here.

1. Microsoft is responsible for the computer revolution. The technology of today is the direct result of Microsofts innovation and pioneering spirit.

2. The reason Microsoft has a monopoly is that they are the best and complaining about that is just sour grapes.

For the these questions

To make statements that without Microsoft we would be paying ten thousand dollars for a computer simply doesn’t stand up to any sort of logical reasoning. The simple basis of the drop in computer prices is a reflection of the computers mass market appeal. If you manufacturer 100,000 units a year you charge more then if you make 10 million a year. The ease of an OS is simply there to meet the demand. The price of computers was dropping like a stone before any version of Windows was in the market. My first computer, purchased in 1987 cost me $1200 complete and was state of the art.

If you’re going to state that Windows represents that “ease of use” which was required then your going to have to explain away the fact that Microsoft actively resisted implementing a GUI (graphical user interface) and only did so when competition from other platforms made this necessary.

But the real answer to question one is that while Microsoft acquired its monopoly by luck and business skill (not technological skill) they kept it by acting illegally and the results of their illegal actions directly and negatively impacted the users. For example, Geo Works, a product infinitely superior to early versions of Windows, could not run Windows programs. They purchased the developer kit from Microsoft yet they could not run Windows programs. Naturally they went out of business in an industry where Microsoft had a lock on 85 percent of the users.

Another tool which Microsoft used and for which they were indicted by the government, was their requirement that OEM’s that sold Windows had to pay them a fee whether the machine came with Windows or not.

In essence Microsoft kept its monopoly not by technological development but by technological sabotage. It took Adobe over 18 months to port Photoshop to Windows because they were faced with the same problem as Geo Works. They simply could not get their software to run under Windows for the same reason that Geo Works would not run under Windows. Microsoft’s development kit was not giving the entire code to developers. The users paid for this illegal activity.

Microsoft continues on this path with JAVA and anything else they can manipulate.

In fact I don’t believe that anyone can give ANY examples of Microsoft being a technological leader. They have sat on their monopoly, based mainly on the ignorance of the public, and until kicked in the butt, have never done anything. The fact that most users only find out abut technological developments from their windows based machines is not a reflection of where these developments came from


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