Sekonic L-308S vs. L-358

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Re: Sekonic L-308S vs. L-358

I own the 308s. I'm very happy with it. The light meter gives me all I need (at least at the moment) to get correct exposures.

The 358 is able to choose between aperture and shutter speed priority modes and the 308 only shutter speed. The 358 has a good memory management in order to have balance comparissons.

As I understand, those are the main differences.

eechip wrote:

I am looking at buying a light meter. I have been comparing these
two in particular. This will be my first one and a learning curve at
that. A few questions for anyone interested in answering.

1. Are these units lacking any features that a newbie should be
concerned with?

2. What features/design qualities does the 358 offer over the 308s
that would make the extra cost worth while?


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