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Not "defending" other companies

Bob Williams wrote:

Check out the history of Sears. They are famous for contracting
with a small company for very large orders, and then cancelling
the contract in the middle of the small companies expansion.
When the company bankrupts, or just before, Sears buys the
company for pennies on the $. Now, this is a respected
business practice when Sears does it. Why is it different when
Microsoft uses the same procedures. Some of you need to
study common business practices. Microsofts actions are only
considered illegal because of their success. If they were not as
large as they are, no one would even care, just as they pay no
attention when the rest of the business world does the same
things that Microsoft does, day after day. I sometimes think that
some of you think that business is some simple, gentle, place.
It is not.

I am not going to defend Sears, or Ford, Standard Oil, ATT, IBM ... or possibly hundreds of others that may or may not have acquired or kept a monopoly illegally.

BUT; the courts in the past HAVE broken up "monopolie's" when it was judged they did something illegally. Thus there is nothing "new" in their pursuit of MS. I submit that the outgrowth of ALL these "anti-trust" was POSITIVE for the general public. Someone here recently mentioned a reference to present confusion in the TELCOM industry after the break-up with ATT. Yes I agree that "phone" service is indeed more "confusing" today .. BUT; do not forget that prior to the ATT "break-up" ... we were paying .25/minute (with 3 minute MINIMUM call time). And NOTE that this .25 cents/min was back in the 60's so with inflation ... that was the equivalent to OVER $1.00/min. Just think about that today when you can get LD service for under .04/min .... (with only 6 SECONDS min call time and 6 seconds paying intervals). I don't even "think" about a long distance phone call any more when back in the 60's we had to set a clock to "monitor" our calls to keep them from being too long. (And many of us learned to master the "art" making a Person-to-Person call to non-existant people to deliver free "messages" that we arrived home safely or other such news).

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