Stop the silly fps crazyness!

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Stop the silly fps crazyness!

So now we have the K20D. Bomb or not, here it is. Some would have wished for this and some would have wished for that.

One thing, however, that seems to pop up in most every thread is that people keep complaining about the slow burst rate of "only" three frames per second. Looking at the pictures that are typically in this forum and on linked websites, I do not at all understand, why this should be such a big deal: NONE of these photographs would have benefitted from a faster frame rate. Better ISO performance? Some. Better AF? Also some. But higher fps? None.

So why the silly fps crazyness? Because it looks good on paper? Honestly, why do those that "need" ten fps not just buy a camera from another maker? Pentax is well regarded for their prime lenses. Are you shooting sports with the 21mm pancake? Your toddler with the 70mm Ltd.? Or do you need the 10 fps for landscapes or portraits?

Sure, everyone wants "better". But does it really make sense?

I for one chose the K10D because I needed a capable body that's not too large and heavy, but above all because of the lenses. Would I have needed fast long glass or ten fps I would have gone down another route, maker-wise.

The K20D therefore got me somewhat excited because of very different things like the quiet shutter, maybe live view (not really sure about that one), IQ and ISO performance, ability to fine-tune AF for each lens, ability to shoot RAW+b&w jpeg (so that I can see roughly how the image will look in b&w but still have the full colour information available) et cetera. For the cost of development (and thus price), those are things I find much more important than a faster burst rate.

So, why the fps crazyness? If you need more, buy Canon or Nikon! And don't tell me that it would be too expensive to switch! With all those proud "LBA" posts here in the forum, money doesn't really seem to be an issue. And with the ridiculous prices for used pentax glass...

Stop the fps sillyness!


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