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Check out the history of Sears. They are famous for contracting
with a small company for very large orders, and then cancelling
the contract in the middle of the small companies expansion.
When the company bankrupts, or just before, Sears buys the
company for pennies on the $. Now, this is a respected
business practice when Sears does it. Why is it different when
Microsoft uses the same procedures. Some of you need to
study common business practices. Microsofts actions are only
considered illegal because of their success. If they were not as
large as they are, no one would even care, just as they pay no
attention when the rest of the business world does the same
things that Microsoft does, day after day. I sometimes think that
some of you think that business is some simple, gentle, place.
It is not.

DCsince89 wrote:

Larry Young wrote:

Microsoft has not killed any company. They lost because management
was weak ie Netscape or the product was not as good, gee netscape.
I would say the one company they probably killed is FTP software.
Otherwise every company trys to gain market share and weaken the
competition. Do you think Canon is saying, "lets make sure we
don't take too many customers from Nikon". Don't confuse
Microsofts competitive spirit with being mean spirited. That is
one thing they did not invent. All companies are out for market

Larry, Larry, Larry...

One of the industry analsis published a list recently of all the
companies MS has put out of business and it totaled more than 50
they were directly involved in and 100 through one of their
'investments.' If I find the article I'll post a link.

One company I can think of off the top of my head is Stacker out of
Utah IIRC. They had a great product and MS wanted the code to
include in Windows. So MS struck up a deal with them and Stacker
wrote code. Right before the release of Windows (98 IIRC) MS
cancels the contract with Stacker. Windows ships and what does it
include? The code for Stacker. Of course Stacker is a little
company and doesn't have the financial resources that MS does but
they still go to court. Because they're running out of money to
fight the battle and sales have dropped MORE than 90% (according to
financial info. released to the courts), they have no choice but to
settle out of court with MS. Upside is MS pays them off so they're
not gone w/o some money. Downside is MS kills of a company by
STEALING their code and then paying them LESS in a settlement than
the contract would have required.

There is no anger on my part. It's more of a case of extreme
frustration that a company can operate the way MS has and virtually
get away with it. Even to this day in all their court dealings very
little is stopping their business practices. More frustrating
though is the average consumer who blindly believes whatever
someone tells them and consistently falls victim to FUD that
companies spread.

Again, this topic is not about which hardware or OS is better, it's
about the practices of MS. And the original post specific to their
moving into the world of DC.

A Great Quote...

"Imagine the disincentive to software development if after months
of work another company could come along and copy your work and
market it under its own name... without legal restraints to such
copying, companies like Apple could not afford to advance the state
of the art."
-- Bill Gates, 1983 (New York Times, 25 Sep 1983, p. F2)

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