Interesting reaction to K20D

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Interesting reaction to K20D

Pretty much as I expected and fed back to Pentax when I tested it back in November.

I expressed surprise that the frame rate was not at least 5fps and their response was that they could not do both at the time with the resources they had (developing the new sensor and getting it made and working was probably quite resource intensive) and at the price they wanted to sell for. Given a trade off was required, investing in a superior image pipeline was more likely to appeal to customers.

I quite understand that some would have liked a faster frame rate. I was expecting an improvement too and was a bit disappointed. I think ultimately it will limit the max price that this camera will sell for even if its of no consequence to me personally. Its just a market placement issue. But some are obviously upset that in some ways its not comparable with its immediate competition in all aspects (even if it blows them away in resolution terms).

But there is an upside. Almost every other aspect of the camera is improved - so much so that I didnt want to give it back.

I said it before and I'll repeat it - the camera is a cheap alternative to the 5D and 1DS. 40D and D300 are more general purpose and provide a cheaper alternative to their faster pro brothers (1Dmk3 and D3).

You may consider the latter to be more balanced, and I would agree. K20D is a bit specialised, but if you are a landscape or studio photographer you will have few complaints. Its more reliable (auto WB/Exposure seem better) has noticeably better resolution and much lower ISO noise at high ISO which is mostly luminance. In camera NR is very effective and the JPEG quality is much improved. I am also convinced they tweaked the AF and the mirror slap is much reduced.

The new LCD is also a huge improvement, not because of its size but because its so accurate. It is sharper, but also represents exactly what I see on my screen when I upload the same shot. In a studio this will make life a lot easier.

Is it perfect for everyone? No. Will it provide a convincing argument for enough users to make it a success? Probably - if they get the price right and they manage to fix some of the early firmware glitches I noted at the time which I also saw in Ben's samples (also pre-prod firmware).

Will I buy one? Not at £899, no. That's just silly frankly, as is the buffer size on the K200D. (Cock hammer, aim at foot, fire....)
Pixel peepers miss the big picture.

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