Mark III AI-Servo test on static subject

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Then why have One Shot mode at all...

I dont' believe that to be the case, both from personal experience with multiple generations of bodies, & from some of the features offerred on the cameras and lenses. Cases in point:

C.Fn-04 (looking at 1D Mark II) mode 3 let's you set the " " button for "subjects which keep moving and stopping" If AI Servo AF locked when stopped, then there'd be no need for this mode.

C.Fn-19 mode 4 let's you set the lens AF stop button (for lenes that have it, usually the long sports / events lenses) let's you swith AF mode while the button is depressed. This mode is "convenient when you need to keep switching between One-Shot AF and AI Servo AF for a subject which keeps moving and stopping"

Finally, appling Occams Razor, let me pose the following question -- If AI Servo AF will lock onto a static subject just as good as One Shot mode does, then why is there a need for One Shot Mode? Why not just have a single AF mode and be done with it?


Derek Hawkins wrote:

Well calibrated samples have no AF issues with AI Servo whether the
subject is moving or stationary. In fact this is one way to separate
the "sheep" from the "goats".

Picture this...You're in AI Servo tracking a hummingbird or dragonfly
and the critter suddenly stops in midair as they often do....Click!
Well, you get the picture. No doubt there are many other scenarios
that would render AI Servo somewhat worthless if it was unfaithful by
design in handling static subjects. Use AI Focus instead you

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