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Re: wrong forum...

Photo Manager wrote:

we dont care abuot the Rebel replacements, thus the forum is for
1D/1Ds5D cameras... or did you miss that part???

perhaps you missed the 6 posts ago about the rationale about a rebel replacement or did you read it, and the concept escape you?

or perhaps you missed even the original post. or did you assume that after the OP it should be nothing about griping about no new 5D?

or perhaps you feel the need to complain needlessly in a thread in which you are not interested in.

and finally.

don't presume you know what I'm interested in thank you kindly by including everyone in your overall grouping of "we". I'd never purchase a rebel myself, however, that doesn't mean I don't have an interest for reasons already pointed out on this thread, or that there is a future relevance to the rebel line that influences further 1d/1ds/5d releases. if you doubt that, then where do you think DIGIC III first came out, or anti-dust?

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