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Re: Did Canon not have not enough time to respond to D300/D3??

for a mass produced body it would have to be ready for mass production at least 2 months in advance of it's targetted release date.

start working backwards from there

  • manufacturing / assembly line engineering

  • manuals, documents, literature, technical manuals, diagnostics,etc

  • prototype / firmware / release candidate testing

  • electronics fabrication and assembly / mechanical / optical fabrication and assembly.

these releases are planned years in advance. nothing's done by going down to the garage and saying .. hey guys, PMA's in a month .. want to do a new camera, or man, D3 was released, okay, let'd do a new camera next month.

in a way not releasing a 5D could mean that canon wants to do more with that line / valuation level than simply a new 5D. it wouldn't be the first time they've postponed a release of a camera body for either IQ reasons or competitive reasons.

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