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Re: Enjoy the ride

Bob Williams wrote:

Look, I have run every system that there is except Unix or Linux.


That is the bottom line.

OK Bob... put down your pom-pom's and get back to reality.

I could tear-apart just about every thing you said with the FACTS and data to back it up but...

  1. 1 - This is a DC forum and not for Platform or OS Wars

  1. 2 - Some of your information is so far off-base that I'd have to spend too much time to set you straight and that would take away from the fun of doing some DC work.

  1. 3 - The original point of this thread was about MS not having an original idea. Even the semi-warped media has gotten that one right.

You're welcome to go on thinking the way you do and ignore reality... it's that line of mindless drone thinking that the MS marketing machine loves to breed.

Ignorance is Bliss and no one has done more to keep consumers in that mindset than MS.

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