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Look, I have run every system that there is except Unix or Linux.
I know where Microsoft came from, and more about how Windows
came to be than most here. I personally like OS/2. If there was
no Windows, and no support groups available thru a Windows
connection to the internet, OS/2 can not be installed by a home
user, and get on the net, with the files that come on the disk.
This is Fact, not speculation. IBM deliberately made it that way
because of their proffesional services business model, and ignored
everyone that tried to tell them that if they made their system
the top choice of the gaming world, that children would grow up
using their software, and employers would then use their system
to cut down training costs. They ignored us, and Microsoft did
not. Their last version had the ability to use Win32's, and they still
had access to the code. They plainly stated that in their opinion,
if they supported the Win32's, that no one would port to their
system, and it would never catch up. So, no one ported to them,
hardware vendors stopped providing drivers, and only the banking/
finance market ever became a real customer, using proffesional
services to write custom apps.
No, the computer would not disappear in the business world. But
the business world would lose over 97 percent of their online
customers, overnight, if Windows disappeared. No, the Apple
Mac would not replace it, as the proprietory hardware issue is still
in place. The Mac would just get back to the price it was way back
when Apple led at anything. The statement that Apple support
of the USB standard led to the release of new products is ludicrous.
Most of those products were ported to Windows long before they
were to Apple. Even with a 90 percent stake in computers in
schools, Apple could not keep it's market, because they stuck with
the stupid proprietory hardware, and their programs were 50 to
100 percent more expensive than the same program for a Wintel
machine, and that machine cost half as much. Now that the RAM
and several other things has become more standard between them,
and the price has gotten closer, some people might go to them,
but most would try them and abandon them, just like they did
as soon as they left school.
There is one operating system that the average home user can
install, maintain, and use, without proffesional services. That
operating system is Windows. There is one platform that provides
equipment so simple and easy to work on that the average
home user rebuilds them himself. That is the X86 platform, not
the Apple platform.
If you think that even a small fraction of today's computer users
would pay proffesional fees to get their computers worked on,
smoke some more of what you are smoking, cause the damage
is already done. If you think even a small fraction of todays
users would bother to learn how to create a custom config to
run an app, you live in a very sheltered world.
If Apple made it's hardware platform open, things might change,
as the pricing would be very different. Without the Wintel
camp to force them into the lower prices, it would still cost
around 10,000$ to get a decent Mac system, like it used to.
Without the Wintel memory pricing causing selling pressure on
the Apple line, getting enough memory in a Mac for today's
editing programs, would cost more than the price of a top
of the line Wintel machine, just for the memory.
I was online, and watched it all happen once, and it would
happen again without the Wintel controls on the Apple
So, if you want to stop 97percent of the home computer users,
then make MS disappear. If you want to cry about that evil
Bill Gates that does and did the same things the others did and
still do, then go ahead. MS is only attacked because of it's
success at the game that they all play. You cry about Windows
having to be included. With a Mac, even the hardware is
controlled by the company.
Linux is great, for the same people that used command line
systems of the past. It is not ready for prime time, and with the
driver support that is available, it will not be ready tomorrow
either. It is in no way ready to replace Windows. The only
system in the last few years with a chance was Merlin, and
IBM hosed that good. I know. I still have my beta and bought
copies here. It is great if you want to go back to 16 bit apps,
as there is no real software for it, and no games that can use
it's superior system.
Lets face it. Windows let the world have computers, without
them having to know how to write even a simple batch file, much
less a simple what if program. If you think it would have happened
if they had to learn those things, you have very little info on
the people using computers today. Because of Windows and the
open Intel platform, my mother has a digital camera, a computer,
writes email, and surfs the web. Without Windows and the open
Intel platform, she would be doing none of them. That is the
bottom line.

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