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Re: Enjoy the ride

Bob Williams wrote:

Bill needs to close Microsoft down if they decide to bust it up.
I would love to see the reaction to that announcement from all
these cry babies. If Windows crashed and burned, the computer
revolution would be over. If they closed, most of the companies
that are sueing them would be out of business in a couple of
months. Microsoft needs to go on vacation for about 6 months,
long enough for the computer world to crawl on their knees
begging for them to go back to work!

Come on Bob... do you really believe that MS is the only company involved in the "computer revolution?"

The people that would be begging MS to come back after six (6) months would be...

  • All the IT people who make their living by chasing their tails fixing all the bugs and security problems with MS products. Read any of the industry analysis studies like Garner, etc. and all their studies show that most flavors of the Unix and Mac OS require MUCH less in the way of support personnel and training than a MS based system.

  • Investors who've made their money buying/selling MS stock and options. While most investors make their money off dividens, MS has chosen NOT to pay them for many, many quarters. Instead they hoard the profits to build a warchest to buy/crush companies and technologies. Let's just hope for their sakes that MS's accounting practices that have been questioned in the last 18 months don't get investigated further and we end-up with another Enron scandle.

Please... if you people want to stand-up and cheer for the good of MS, make sure you have your facts straight. Root MS on for developing one of their few original products like the great Word and Excel, not for their anti-competitive practices.

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