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Re: ICC/ICM Paper Profiles

Fine you got it correct. If you check that box to show all profiles, you have to choose the profile automatically. If you do not check it, it chooses the correct printer profile via whatever paper you choose.

Unfortunately, I do not think that the automatic feature works if you have two profiles for the same paper, depending on whether you choose Best Photo or Photo RPM, so yours is the right choice if you are going to use Phot RPM.

However, most have found it a waste of time and ink to use Photo RPM as there does not seem to be any noticable difference in the final print and a lot longer printing time.

Which gets me to the next subject, if go into PSP and make sure if you are going to print using printer color management that PSP is not also choosing to manage color. I think that option is available in PSP. It is the preferable option, but you should notice little or no difference letting the printer manage color as you are doing.

Good luck and hope you enjoy the 1800. It is a great printer until you have to purchase a full house of inks for it, as I do right now.


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