Trinitron CRT vs. TN panel...

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Re: Trinitron CRT vs. TN panel...

karbo wrote:

I just tossed out 2 19" trinitrons and replaced them with 2 TNs. The
issues people speak of with TNs are there but not nearly as bad as I
read here. In other words after a little getting used to I can edit
and critically judge images just fine.

I will agree that the TNs have their issues, but I must also say that
the new 20" TNs I just purchased are about 10 times better than my
aging trinitrons. Better clarity, color, everything. Thats a
comparison to old trinitrons that were wearing out but the TNs
haven't hindered me one bit and I get prints/colors that are better
than I ever got with my old fuzzy, hot worn out trinitrons.

I agree, many people can get used to a TN panel for photo editing. My first LCD purchased in 2000 was a Viewsonic (TN panel) and was better in just about every way compared to my CRT.

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