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Enjoy the ride

I am a photographer wannabe but a software programmer by trade, which by the way includes many MSFT bashers. Microsoft has in so many ways done things to help advance technology. Everyone wants to kill them including SUN and Oracle. If Microsoft was not around you would be paying thousands of dollars for software. Even when Microsoft has not been the developer they have been the promoter. They have pushed USB for example which allows you to more easily transfer data from the camera to the PC. Please no flames about USB. I know there is Firewire. Firewire may be better but just consider it to be a competitive technology. Without Apple, Intel, Microsoft and of course IBM forgetting about proprietary systems for a brief moment in time we would be purchasing $10,000 PC's instead of $1200.00 with software in the thousands.

Microsoft is a very good competitor to say the least. They know how to develop a product and grab market share. Wake up they did not invent this way of doing business. Everyone wants to win market share.

DCsince89 wrote:

Bob Dolson wrote:

Sounds like a few people are jealous of Microsoft's success over
the years..
Sincerely, Bob the Printer

'Success' is a relative term.

A thief could be considered successful when he consistently robs
other's property (and their hard earned work) and profits from it.
He may have lots to show for it but if Joe SixPack (ie. the average
American consumer) doesn't know how he acquired his wealth,
ignorance is bliss. And if he never gets caught (or
semi-incompetent prosecuters can't close the deal) Joe SixPack
might say "Sounds like a few people are jealous of 'his' success
over the years.."

Before people admire companies like Microsoft and their 'success'
they should educate themselves on the facts and not what's reported
by the biased media and lack-of-a-backbone computer industry.
Perhaps then Joe SixPack will truely understand the history and
future of this explosive topic.

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