My Favorite photos from 07

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Let the crying begin

Don't you hate it when someone posts pics and then cries when no one comments on them... I know I do 8^) - And I know Justin does.

But what is up? I realize some of you may have seen some of these before, so maybe no comment was necessary... but to be completely ignored for two days on page 1 (Except for Marion's drive by comment - haha. Thank you Marion)

I thought maybe some of my old STF / H-cam pals would at least stop by and say howdy. Even though I have not been shooting with the sony as much lately, I still post comments on photos in the threads here. This used to be the most Photo Friendly site on DPR... And these should have got some comments.

Now, I myself have been guilty of sometimes not commenting if the pics are none too good. (mama use to say, "if you got nothin' nice to say, keep your trap shut"). But for heavans sake, these are not that bad. I posted them cause I was proud of what my little H2 could do.

And it is not like this forum is moving too fast anymore. These suckers were on the first page for two days.... and not one howdy or comment...
There is really no excuse for it.

It seems symptomatic of what is afflicting the forums lately. Dont ask me for an accurate diagnosis, I am not a doctor although I have seen them on TV.

This pathetic bump is over. No need to comment back... I am done feeling sorry for myself... Now I can crawl back to the DSLR forum, where I am ignored for good reason. hehe

But I am still cleaning up the files... So as a brilliant man once said: "I'll be back"

With tongue firmly planted in cheek and a big grin on my face
Peace and love to all


"Get what makes you Happy
Anything less... makes you less Happy"

BUMP BUMP BA DUM BUMP BUMP ( I love that song)

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