A couple of days ago someone posted D300 settings for natural skin tones with flash.

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Re: I think this is what you asked for

I need to try this too!

samjstern wrote:

Some D300 Neutral Settings

I. Set your LCD brightness to -1 ,( find it in Setup Menu. )
0 is too bright and not close to what we actually see.

2. Set your white balance to A. (automatic) No surprises yet.

3. In Shooting menu go to set picture control and make these

Go to neutral, yes neutral not standard.

1. Sharpening to 6
2. Contrast to +1 ( 1 click to right of 0)
3. Brightness to 0
4. Saturation to 0
5. Hue to -1 ( 1 click to the left of 0)

I know you were expecting me to use standard. I read the manual also,
Page 150.

But darn if these don't give me great skin tones and natural colors.
Not too red or exaggerated like we use for scenics.
Don't forget to click OK after you make the adjustments and before
you exist the menu.
Try it and let me know what you think.

The out of camera JPEGs look perfect to me.

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