My Favorite photos from 07

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My Favorite photos from 07

Hi all STFer's

So I have been lost the Dslr world of late and have only stopped by every once in a while to check on the forum and see the beautiful photos. So I may have missed the " Best of 2007" thread. (I actually accidently posted some Sony pics in the Fuji forums "Best of" thread. How embarassing)

Anyway I was just cleaning up some Harddrive space and trying to organize my photos better. (What a mess I have on my hands, that was the cause of the wrong posting in FTF mentioned above)

I found these and thought I would throw them up as my homage to my H2. Out of all the cameras I have it is the "purest fun camera" I have every used. I promise myself to put down the DSLR for a bit and pick up the sony, as soon as there is some spring color back in my world.


And now just some of my faves...

And some from my fave series 'Electro Macro Abstracto'

Sometimes it is just a quick snapshooter... FIRST FISH

There are so many more.... More of the three B's birds-bugs-blooms and some moons. And lots more snapshots of the kids that I will spare you from....
Well maybe not

It was / is the best 150 dollar fun camera ever IMHO... I love the colors / long zooms and macros.

ps... I may be posting more as I stumble on them. I have so many pics to delete.

Thanks to all who helped me when I got this little jewel. And to those who remember these from before... thanks for not complaining.


'It came to me in a vision... a vision brighter than the sun itself'
But, I over exposed and blew the highlights

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