Nikon 24-70 versus 17-55

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Re: Posting of Photos for Joseph

Of the four portraits only one has her looking at the camera with eyes open so that would sway one to prefer that particular shot which happens to be with the 24-70.

Also it seems to me that the left side of her face is more out of focus on the 17-55 shots than on the 24-70 shots. That could be due to the fact her head isn't perpendicular to the camera coupled with a slight difference in plane of focus with the very shallow DOF. Or maybe the very slight difference in perspective between the ones shot at 70mm and the ones shot at 55mm comes into play.

Overall they results are quite close and I would need to see a lot more comparative shots in order to distinguish a difference in lens performance. It certainly doesn't jump out at me that one of the two lenses removes a barrier between the camera and the subject.

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