Nikon 24-70 versus 17-55

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Re: Posting of Photos for Joseph

Thank you very much Steven. I think the size you have chosen is a good tradeoff between visibility and size. 10 meg would be too big for this kind of self-loading link.

The differences between the images can be seen even here, but they are more visible in the full size images. Whether these differences are attributable to the lenses, I will leave it to wise forum members to decide!

In my view at least some of the observable differences between the images are the result of lens differences. They are more clearly evident in the D300 shots taken at the same time which unfotunately I do not have.

anotherMike has used the term rendering. For want of a more appropriate term, it is this that is superior on the new lens. This is a bit like trying to talk about wine!

All the shots were taken at max focal length and max aperture on the two lenses. I tried to replicate the framing. Unfortuantely ISO 800 (forgot to reduce ISO after attempted available light shots). Built in flash with D70s.

I hope that these are of some interest, and a big thank you again to Steven.

Best wishes


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