Nikon 24-70 versus 17-55

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anotherMike wrote:

Honestly - I still tell beginners that investing in the best glass
possible is the most sensible approach - besides giving the best
image quality, it also tends to last longer and hold it's resale

I completely agree. It is easy for most people to see the differences between the pro Nikon lenses and other Nikons on a 14" laptop. If you can't, then surely they may not be worth bothering with image quality wise. However most people can see these differences, it is not just lens snobbery. However resale, mode of operation and longevity are all in favour of the Nikon lenses.

As for the 24-70 - just because it's not a lens for YOU on a DX frame
doesn't mean it's not for someone else. I get somewhat tired of
people trying to dictate what lenses are good for people - whether
one uses a DX or FX frame is irrelevant if the focal length range
works for THEM. I own a 24-70 too, and it's likely going to be one of
my most used lenses on a DX frame camera. I also own a 14-24, which
of course is supposed to be "wasted" on a DX, and it's fits
perfectly into my lens collection, even on a DX frame, for what I

For many people the range offered by the 24-70 will be more useful on DX than on FX - I am probably one of them.


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