Nikon 24-70 versus 17-55

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Re: go 85 1.4/1.8 & tamron 17-50 and save your money


Conrtrary to what many believe on this forum, 'most' people who recommend a 3rd party option are doing so as a suggestion on how to save money. When I bought a Tamron 28-75 did I think it was going to outperform the Nikon 28-70?
Nope. Was I surprised with the optical performance of the lens? I sure was.

Now that I have a 28-70 would I go back to the Tamron for important events? Nope. But are there still possible uses for the Tamron for me? Yes (if I can figure out what my AF issues are or eventually just MF the lens). Don't know if you've ever owned a lens the size of a 24-70 but the sheer size of it will have its disadvantages at times, you will see.

If you have the funds go for the 24-70, I'm sure you'll be delighted. And I myself would prefer it over the 17-55 just for that extra 15mm on the end, plus I'm guessing/hoping that it renders closer to the 28-70 which would be more to my tastes anyways.

And by the way I just found a NM 28-70 for around $900 - there is always that option for you to consider as well.


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