Nikon 24-70 versus 17-55

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Re: Reading Comprehension 101

David Banner wrote:

BTW, any
"processing" eliminates an image for testing purposes for me. You are
judging the Photoshop skill of an individual and not IQ.

Not if you apply exactly the same workflow to both images.

Rubbish. Post processing is done to disquise and/or fix the things that were broken during capture. Plain and simple.

The point is straight out of camera one lens may have slightly better
colors, contrast, etc.

That's right because one lens will be optically better than the other. If you adjust that in post on test shots, you are making the images appear to be equal when they actually are not. That will work for web sized and rez'ed images and those destined for small print but NOT those printed large enough the flaws can be seen. You are only fooling yourself.

I choose the Tamron 17-50 after finding several comparisons that
showed it was sharper than the Nikon. If people don't want to
believe what they read here they can do a bit of searching and see
the comparisons themselves.

I did that, probably much more extensively than you did, and came to a totally different conclusion. Doesn't make me the ultimate authority and, likewise, also doesn't make you the same. All it means is we formed our own opinions and they are decidedly different.

I also know a professional photographer
who uses the Tamron 17-50 and Sigma 50-150 2.8.

The highest paid pro in my area uses the 18-70 kit lens quite a bit on his D2Xs. Means precisely nothing in this conversation -- nothing.


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