Photos from NH Primary

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Photos from NH Primary

I managed to get out and photograph three of the Presidential candidates. Edwards, Obama and Clinton just happened to have events within walking distance of work and home, so I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

Attached are three of my best shots. The rest of the pictures from the events are available on-line at Webshots.

All photos were shot with my 30D and either 75-300 USM or 17-85 USM IS lenses.

The Edwards event was held in a small salon ballroom. I had to use the built-in pop-up flash which produced horrible red-eye that was fixed with Photoshop. It was even more difficult to correct the red-eye of people out of focus, which Photoshop left two sharply defined black dots that had to be manually blurred. This convinced me that I really need a 430 EX that could be bounced off the ceiling to prevent the red-eye.

The Obama and Clinton events were held in a large gym with mixed daylight, fluorescent and incandescent lighting. Finding a white balance was a challenge, even with the raw images. Because I was shooting at around 300mm, I set camera on Tv at 1/400. This required ISO 1600. I was worried that this would produce an image that was too noisy, but I was surprised that I was able to get an acceptable 8.5x11 print. I used center point focus, which helps avoid focus seeking when another head in the crowd appear in the frame. Someday, I need to upgrade to the IS version of this lens or maybe the 100-400 USM IS.

I was hard to photograph all the candidates while they were talking, because the mouth would often be frozen in some awkward position. I found it was better to wait until they were at the end of a statement and gestured dramatically. In the case of Mrs. Clinton, I caught her laughing at a comment made by the audience about Bill becoming the First Man. I also got a couple good picture of Chelsy Clinton. Bill did not attend this event.

Thank you, candidates, for being such good models and allowing me to practice my skills!


The rest of the picture from trhe events are available here:


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