Nikon 24-70 versus 17-55

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Mike I was hoping you would chime in here and I find your answers relevant though the topic of lens rendering is certainly a subjective one.

As you might remember from an earlier thread I just recently purchased a 28-70. I also have recently purchased a copy of the latest 35-70d release and also own the Tamron 28-75. Over the next few months I plan on doing some pretty extensive comparisons of the 3 lenses as my experience with the Nikkors is limited at this time.

I am not an experienced photographer though I have owned cameras on & off for 40 years. Quality printed images in books, magazines or any other form have always interested me. I have been in the printing business for 25 years and I have experience in determining the authenticity of printed memorabilia as well. Also, I am definitely not colorblind.

So even though I do not yet have the many years experience that some have with SLR's and multiple lenses, I would not consider my opinion totally irrelevant. And I can tell you that after looking at thousands of digital images produced by my Tamron on a D50, the Tamron is a 'very' good lens. Not because it is inexpensive or affordable but because it was designed in such a way that it appeals to me and many others (as evidenced by the success of the lens). It renders smoothly and warmly in the f/3.5 to f/5 range and has a nice gradual range up to f/5.6 where it becomes sharp and yes Mike in my opinion, 'professionally sharp'. My problem with the lens is AF inconsistencies/incompatibilities with the consumer grade AF system of the D50. For studio or other slow moving photography the Tamron is a fine performer.

My initial impressions of both the 35-70 and 28-70 are very good, though I am already seeing that for serious work I will probably prefer the 28-70. They got the optical formula right with the 28-70 imo even though it is not a digital era design. But let's not completely write off some of these other lenses or assume that all people who use them are necessarily amateurs at evaluating a digital image.

Just my 2 cents of course, but in a few months I will have a much more educated opinion as I actually own the lenses and am not trying to evaluate other people's work.


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