Nikon 24-70 versus 17-55

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Re: Nikon 24-70 and 17-55 images portraits

Joseph Lab wrote:

Hi Phil, They are flash hand held and are indicative at best.

Ah, --OK. I'm sure they are fine for what you needed but probably not for posting as a definitive set. Especially 10MB worth.

Worse still I made my favourite mistake on the d70s - forgot to change the
ISO back down to 200 after attempting some available light shots, so
they are at 800. It is a mistake I keep making.

I do that ALL the time with my D70, even before I got my D200 and had somewhat of an excuse for doing so. It's just maddening to get home and upload a bunch of high ISO shots when it wasn't needed because there is a decided difference in image quality. I did it on this last wedding I shot, in a hurry and not paying attention -- drives me crazy.

Nonetheless, I do see differences between them at full size which are
in favour of the 24-70 and in line with what others have said about
that lens, such as another Mike and Bjorn etc.

I would hope so and expect that to be the case, especially since I am planning to buy one. Apparently a whole different set of design problems present themselves when the FL goes wider than 25MM, more so if trying to bridge the gap from wide to normal. I am hoping the 24-70 is more like my 70-200 and less like my 17-55.

I am more than happy to
email them to you if you are interested, they are about 10meg total.

Nah -- let's hold off. Maybe the other guy will get them up. If you have the opportunity to do some controlled shots, I will be more than glad to post them.

I have also been thinking truly wicked thoughts about buying a D3 (I
willl spare you an tempted explanation of that insanity), and given
my usage and other lenses it would be a mistake for me to buy an
expensive DX lens with a range (for me) that is at best equivelantly
useful to the 24-70 on DX.

No explanation required because I am in heavy lust for a D3 myself. It's those images! My, oh, my but they are NICE. The problem is only going to get worse when the high IQ version of the D3 is released. ((sigh)) I think it a good idea to stay away from the DX lenses at this point because there will be a less expensive FX Nikon at some point. That's part of why I suggested you go with the 24-70 up-thread.

This hobby is getting rather expensive, huh!


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