Nikon 24-70 versus 17-55

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Re: Actually it won´t

Well, both mine and a copy of a collague are far better at 17mm and 35mm than at 24-26mm wide open. When a lens is softer all of a sudden in the middle of the zoom range, I consider it to have a problem. The same issue has been measured by many reviewers.

The 24-70 has a field curvature problem at 24 mm, but otherwise it is as good as a lens get´s. Clearly a price to pay for stretching the 28 to 24 in the wide end. Would be a kind of a wonder if it wouldn´t be a star, as it is the culmination of design and production technique of a major brand.

At a given field of view, the 24-70 on a 12mpx Fx will outperform the 17-55 on a 12mpx Dx with flying colours.

Furthermore, I see a relationship with the introduction of the APS film concept in the past with statements it being higher resolving material thus rendering larger formats useless... and the Dx format claims, that the Dx-lenses are so and so good. Well, the truth is that they are not a bit better in resolving power per mm2... so, for better resolution the only medicine is to use larger imaging areas.

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