Nikon 24-70 versus 17-55

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Re: Nikon 24-70 and 17-55 images portraits

Hi Phil, They are flash hand held and are indicative at best. Worse still I made my favourite mistake on the d70s - forgot to change the ISO back down to 200 after attempting some available light shots, so they are at 800. It is a mistake I keep making. A controlled scientific test it is not, there are too many uncontrolled variable. However what I see in my pictures with the D70s was confirmed by a number of other shots taken with the D300, but again foolishly on their card. I will try to get those if they still have them (unlikely). I was very rushed at the time, late for another appointment. I have sent them to SSjackson and he is posting them. They do not appear to be full size there, and at the size posted little difference can be seen.

Nonetheless, I do see differences between them at full size which are in favour of the 24-70 and in line with what others have said about that lens, such as another Mike and Bjorn etc. However in this particular case there may be many explanations other than lens differences which account for what I see. I am more than happy to email them to you if you are interested, they are about 10meg total.

I have also been thinking truly wicked thoughts about buying a D3 (I willl spare you an tempted explanation of that insanity), and given my usage and other lenses it would be a mistake for me to buy an expensive DX lens with a range (for me) that is at best equivelantly useful to the 24-70 on DX. Nikon my produce a Canon 5D competitor sooner than we think. I also like the handling of the 24-70, even though it is big. I am thinking of getting the new 18-55 VR for my pocket and wide angle shooting along with a d40 as a point and shoot. The VR is really useful in museums etc, and I gather that the lens performs really well and is small and inexpensive.

Best wishes


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