Speedlite 220 EX for a Flash Newbie?

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Re: 420 EX vs 430 EX

Alex Treneff wrote:

Wow, thanks for all the input guys!

The 420 EX is no longer listed on B&H, so other than "40% faster
recycling time than the Speedlite 420EX" does the 430 have any major

Trying to figure how much a used 420 would be worth when a
(presumably better) 430 EX is $240.

I noticed that the 580 is only $120 more right now thanks to the
instant rebate. Would this be worth the extra money? I mean I
suppose if it ever got to the point I needed the 580 I could sell the

Would a 580 EX with a better beamer be enough for baseball shots?

It's one of those things, like the 70-200 I bought 3 weeks ago. It's
a lot of moeny, but after using the sigma 70-300 comsumer lens for
two years, it was time to do something better. If there's an
advantage to get the 430 over the 420, or even the 580 over the 430,
I'll look at it as an invesment. I've determined it's better to
spend $300 that is worthwhile than $120 that won't do what I need.

Thanks again guys, It's very much appreciated.

If you're serious about it then the 580EX II has some pretty significant benefits.

You can read about the 430EX here (with a comparison to the old 580EX):


And the 580EX II here (also with a comparison to the old 580EX):


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