Nikon Service Nightmare

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Re: Interfoto in Norway: Excellent service

Christian Løverås wrote:

My D200's rear rubber grip (thumb) ha d a loose eara, and Interfoto
(Norwegian Nikon distributor) replace both the front and rear rubber
grips for free, while I was waiting. I bought my D300 from them too

Well, you're lucky you're not in Belgium. Nikon is no longer represented by de beukelaer, but Tamron still is. I returned a 17-50mm f/2.8 lens to them because it didn't AF properly and it was misaligned (blurry on one side) right after I bought it. This was at the end of last september. My dealer phones them regularly, but no lens yet (they keep promising).

Pretty shocking. I've started buying my paper (Ilford) from Germany just to show them Seriously, though, this isn't the first time I have heard of problems with them.

Sometimes I wonder if companies can be suicidal.

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