E-3 AF versatility II

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E-3 AF versatility II

Ref. my first thread on AF and My Modes:

I've played some more with the AF settings, and have discovered some interesting features, IMO useful ones too. I will now describe an ultimate fast and easy method for changing between any multipoint AF setup, and a centered single AF point.
Try following the procedure hands on w/ the E-3.
It might be worth while...

As described in the link above, I've dedicated the Fn button to the
"AF target home position" (see manual page 55), and I've set the center AF point
to be the "Home position".
With this Fn function set, I find it very easy indeed to toggle between
single frame AF and multiple frame AF.

It works regardless of AF setup.
You may have set S-AF or C-AF.
You may have set 11-frame ALL or 5-frame Diamond

You may even have shifted the 5-frame Diamond position to the left or to the right.

Provided the aforementioned Fn button configuration, it works like this:
One single touch of the Fn button will toggle any AF setup between
a single centered AF frame, and the multi AF frame setup of your choice,
either the full 11-frame matrix, or a 5-frame Diamond positioned anywhere.

The camera communicates this toggling all over the place:

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On the top LCD --:
Repeat touching the Fn button, and the symbol for AF mode toggles on the LCD
(the square above the frame counter);

  • Showing a STEADY centered point when single frame AF is set

(sets at your predefined home position)

  • Showing a single BLINKING point if 5-frame Diamond is set

(representing the Diamond center position, even in shifted positions)

  • Showing a full 11-point matrix if 11-frame ALL is set

-- On the INFO screen --:
The graphics shows the AF multi frame type and position, or the
centered single AF frame, every other time the Fn button is pressed.
You don't even need to press the INFO button first.
Simply hold the Fn button for half a second, and it brings up the
INFO screen automatically, with the set AF mode already highlighted.
(to make the INFO screen stay up after releasing the Fn button,
use the INFO button instead).

While holding the Fn button, the top LCD will show the AF mode
beeing set as well, i.e ALL, 5-t-S, 5-t-d.
ALL means 11 point full matrix
5-t-S means "diamond five-target-singleframe"
(diamond set, overridden by active homepositioned single frame)
5-t-d means "diamond five-target-multiframe"
(diamond set, multi frame active)

-- In the OVF --
Showes the same "text" as the top LCD when the Fn is pressed,
and the active single/center frame of the current mode lits up.
If you have your diamond shifted to the right, you'll see that
its center frame lits up in its offset position.
If full matrix is active, all 11 lits up.
If the home positioned single frame is chosen,
the center frame lits up.
And again, the uplit frames will toggle as the Fn is pressed...

If you dedicate the Fn button to the "AF target home position",
a simple touch of it will toggle your whole camera AF setup between
any multi AF frame setup and the home positioned single AF frame.
How's this for a setup for birding?
From a fully tracked and looped multiframe AF setup,
to manually pinpointing a small area singleframe AF,
all at the touch of a button - and back!

And further advantages are discussed in the thread above...

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