Nikon 24-70 versus 17-55

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Re: Nikon 24-70 and 17-55 images portraits

Where are the pictures posted at?

Joseph Lab wrote:

I have sent the images to SSjackson above who has kindly agreed to
post them. Assuming that he does post them, first an apology: they
were taken at ISO 800, not the D70s strongest point. For this I
blame the camera! No ISO in the viewfinder is the most irritating
omission from the D70s.


1. Do you see any significant differences between the images?
2. If they are not due to differences in the performance of the
lenses, then what has led to these differences?

I was under pressure and in a rush. I tried to line up the subject
in similar position for the different shots. I might not have been
as careful as I should with the focus. However, I do not think these
differences can be accounted for by focussing errors. It would be
interesting to have your views on this. On the 24-70 images I have
the impression of a veil being lifted, and that is on a lowly d70s at
ISO 800. What do you think?

Best wishes


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