K200D market buzz - or not

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Re: K200D market buzz - or not

Roger Rowles wrote:

  • I agree. I went from a P+S to a DSLR for a reason, I don't want

live view or video. If thats what your looking for in a camera, there
are already some great cameras out there that can do that, 10 mega
pixels and all, and they fit in your pocket.

These cameras don't offer the large sensor size and precise DOF control and TTL viewfinder that a DSLR offers.

Why is it that some people seem to be mad that more and more users are interested in Live View? It's not harming anyone, if you don't want to use it, then don't. But if some people find uses for it, why try to put them down?

I want a DSLR, not a glorified P+S

With this kind of reasoning, why bother with digital at all? Film used to work well enough. And why SR? People managed without it.

I guess I just don't foresee me using any of those feature on my camera.

And I became so used to these features that I would not part with them. If my Canon S2 had the same high ISO performances a DSLR offers, I wouldn't bother.

There are tons of situations where live view (with a swivel LCD especially) is useful : group shots, macros, anything done with a tripod, overhead shots, tricky DOF compositions, to name a few.

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