5D successor to be announced 2008 PMA in January?

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Re: 5D successor to be announced 2008 PMA in January?

We may see something like that, but I think it will be the reverse, where the 5D II or 7D are released first. My 3 main reasons for thinking this are

1. The current 5D is already so low in price, and people are by now accustomed to the notion of a FF below $2500, plus that is how I interpret the various comments by Canon people that the new camera will cost the same. I don't feel they mean the price from 2 years ago.

2. They don't want to wait most of the year where another competitor may come out with a low-cost FF and steal a good part of their thunder. Particularly now, when Nikon has such competitive offerings and may actually overtake them in worldwide DSLR sales in 2008. Depending on how limited they are by fab capacity, I suspect Canon will be thinking a little more in terms of volume this year.

3. The 3D will probably have features that would put it a little close to the 1Ds series, and I think they would want to give the 1Ds III a full year by itself. The 3D may also be a more experimental camera, in keeping with it history. I don't know if Canon would want that to be their only FF aside from the 1D series for a period of time, especially if some of those features aren't liked by everyone.

If my view is correct, than I also don't see the 5D successor to be as low as $1750 out the gate. I think between $1995 and $2495.

If I am wrong on all of the above, then I am guessing that Canon will keep plentiful stocks of the original 5D well into next summer. As I recall, they did sell the 350xt for some time after the 400 came out.

Canon will announce the 3D on the 24th of January. At a price of
approx $3.500.

The 3D will be what the 5D was in relation to the 1DsMkII. Same IQ,
but more a studio DSLR. I do suspect Canon will surprise us with one
or two special features for this DSLR. What? Dunno.

The 7D will be the step-up camera for those who have played with the
40D for a year...and that is why it will be announced in the autumn.
Price approx $1.750. FF version of the 40D....

Clear strategy. Good numbers.

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