MacBook Pro=sleeping issues

Started Dec 29, 2007 | Discussions thread
tashley Veteran Member • Posts: 4,186
Re: MacBook Pro=sleeping issues

I'm having the same consistent problem under inconstant circumstances and what really interests me is that these types of issues have, for me at least, always developed after I'm out of warranty and round about the time that a tempting new machine appears. Being lazy I usually palm the old and misbehaving machine off on a relative and treat myself to a new one. But it so, so gives the lie to the popular belief that macs are more reliable than PCs and don't crash!

I hold out so little hope of getting an answer to this wake-from-sleep issue that I haven't even called Apple. Mind you, at least after the latest OS update the keyboard has started accepting input reliable, and I never thought that would happen!

SO I'm now thinking of championing the underdog, as I've always liked doing, and switching to a PC running Vista...


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