Capture NX and quad core?

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NX limited more by XP 2 GIG cap

If you run XP, note that NX (unless they have altered it recently), like PS, is limited by the 2 GIG memory ceiling. That is, if you have more than 2 GIGs, NX apparently cannot use it. I know this because after adding an option for a 3 GIG software switch during boot up as a PSCS3 workaround to exceed the 2 GIG XP cap (as Adobe suggests), I contacted US Nikon tech support to see if NX also would be able to take advantage of the additional addressable memory. They had no idea that you could even exceed the 2 GIG XP limit for addressable memory, much less how. After talking with software engineers in Japan (they said), they could not predict whether Capture NX would benefit from it, and asked me to try it and let them know!

After installing the switch (which does improve CS3 speed appreciably), I compared NX processing time (this was v 1.2) on the same image, same actions, with and without the switch. Result: NX may have been a little faster with the 3 GIG switch set, until it froze! Tried it again- same result. So, unless they have changed 1.3, the CS3 fix to allow the use of greater than 2 GIGs of RAM may not work for NX. At least it didn't work with my system. Maybe others will have more success.
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