5D successor to be announced 2008 PMA in January?

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Re: 5D successor to be announced 2008 PMA in January?

Here's the google translation:

Year-end shopping season in check Canon president remarks deep meaning! 5D 5D leak?

Today's article in the morning to interview載ったCanon president has been quite in-depth remarks, the subject seems to be. The evening is a chance to buy a paper order know it is quite confident of the film.

According to the Canon Tsunezi Utida president of the newspaper in an interview to answer a powerful product to begin. Intermediate machine is the successor model to improve durability, and pixel count was renewed. The same price to be better in the contents of the statement.

This is the president of Nikon and Canon, the digital SLR that strategy, in an interview published by the contents of the article, but like here, the president said Nikon's what I said to be getting even more .

Utida Kono said in the interview, Intermediate D model is going to be a five, including remarks that follow, and many have imagined. るのではないかとみられているようです。 Pixels saying that the renewal will be on the rumored 16 million pixel class that is backed by a similar impression, saying enhance durability of the shutter durability to ensure that the coming it is believed to have.

And most come to be the same price for saying, WAKA view as being 5-D appearance at the same price and take a view about the current market price of the same view and it seems to be largely WAKARE the latter view is wishful thinking and feeling that is, and must be disappointed when the announcement.

The Intermediate models, the Canon cameras Asahi directors told Mr.真栄田雅也element of surprise is even join EOS 5D successor will come of it, or are interested in coming dwarf. こHere come the New Year 5 D model is the successor to be held in January will be announced at the PMA Shimo Hana flow, and also announced that it feels like up close.

Now, the successor to Canon in D 5 model of how to surprise and ready to be announced, the year-end shopping season, or the heat in check, such as Canon officials say the spate of leaks are confident considerable thought KAIMAMIRU SHITEKI within PHP.

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