Nikon 24-70 versus 17-55

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Re: Same for me SS

I like the 24-85 D, it's kind of my default lens. After buying the 17-55 and especially for photographing kids I did miss the extra reach having had the 24-85 D and the Tamron 24-135 first. For beach portraits with families and high school seniors I seem to have gravitated back to the 24-85 D as well since there 24 is plenty wide enough and again on the beach I can rack out to 85mm. almost without realizing it. It's not that you can't get by with 55 but I like to get out to 85 better, I feel more comfortable.

I love the 17-55 for weddings or if I'm pretty sure i'll be in a cramped area, the AF-S is positive, quiet, imagew quality very good wide open and out to F5.6 where I shoot my weddings at.

I tend to shoot my flash or studio lit portraits around F4, the 24-85 mixed in with the 17-55 and 70-200 fits well in terms of image quality ( color , contrast), though a bit less sharp on the long end it's nothing that can't be fixed in PP. I do wish it had AF-S.


sjackson462000 wrote:

Do you like the 24-85? Just curious about when you use it vs the 17-55.

I have one and seldom use it. Just couldn't seem to pull the 17-55
off and put the other on.

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