Vivitar 28mm f/2 or 28mm f/2.5 MF lenses... anybody?

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Vivitar 28mm f/2 or 28mm f/2.5 MF lenses... anybody?

Now that I've stepped up from the D80 to the D300, I can appreciate the metering of some old classic MF lenses I have (I still have four MF lenses). That's got me to thinking about the value to performance of a possible acquisition...

I'm really loving a 24mm or 28mm for fashion shots, have several options there already in my bag:

  • tokina 12-24/4

  • sigma 24-70/2.8

  • nikon 24/2.8 MF

  • McMNP russian made 35/2 MF

I also have the Sigma 20mm f/1.8 which I shouldn't have ever gotten. Too soft, and might simply sell off to get the Sigma 30/1.4... But would rather wait to see if Nikon refreshes the 28/1.4 in their line-up... maybe by spring. I'm not trying to start rumors here, but a Nikon rep I spoke w/ directly confirmed that "one of Nikon's highest priorities now is fast primes". I believe our conversation/context was regarding wide primes. And I wouldn't doubt that is EXACTLY where their roadmap takes them next.

Personally, I'm waiting to get an 85/1.4 to see what gets announced before summer '08. I'll likely up my 50/1.8 to a 50/1.4 this spring. Those two 2 lenses w/ a fast 28mm would be perfect. I've got other glass for walkaround stuff and all.


So, I have an opportunity to pick up an old Vivitar 28mm f/2 OR a Vivitar 28mm f/2.5- either for about $50 USD. They are different lenses, and I've briefly shot w/ both. Clearly the bokeh rendering of the f/2 looks smoother, and seems to have smoother roll-off. But that dang f/2.5 has such a wonderful focus ring to work with!

I have an old Viv Series I 90mm f/2.5 macro lens that I still love as one of my faves among my entire kit. Thus, I respect the old Viv glass and construction. And highly regard SOME of their lenses for excellent IQ.

My question: would I see any benefit to picking up one of these (prolly the 28/2) over what I currently have (above)? I've searched for images and found lots of Viv 28/2.8 sample images but not f/2 images. Here on dpreview, threads don't seem to have ANY posts regarding this lens from searching...

Any help is greatly appreciated. My Nikon 24mm f/2.8 is pretty decent, but has some characteristics I'm not always in love with (light fall-off around the edges/corners) gets pretty drastic when shot wide open, like most old Nikon primes). I think my copy of the Sigma 24-70 is excellent... I mean, really REALLY sharp.

TIA for any insight or comments.

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