Sony goes CCD. Good for them.

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CCD vs CMOS. Is CCD is better? I agree

Sony CCD is used not only at Digital Consumers Camera but also many other thing.

IMHO, the reason why CCD used on digital camera was not good enough, is because, despite the technologies and patents SONY have, they didn't release it to comsumer market.

You know that SONY doesn't envy "Foveon X3 CCD", cause they already have 3CCD sensors.

May be some engineers working with CCD/CMOS knows that SONY will not envy "FujiFilm SuperHoneycomb CCD", because they have WDR(Wide Dynamic Range) CCDs.

The only reason why CCD looked bad was, SONY never took it seriously about consumer electorics.

And in the other side, CMOS has less restriction on patents. So CMOS develpers could make quite good quality sensors on their own.

At last! SONY has derived "Super HAD CCD" to the Digital camera.

I don't know what will be the next, but sooner or later 3CCD sensor model will comeout.

Miterman wrote:

Jonathan Demarais wrote:

I doubt you'll find any firm that makes digital cameras for medical
or scientific fields using junk CMOS or NMOS. Same goes for now for
medium format backs. These mos sensors, no matter which cameras they
find themselves in, are still pure consumer grade and basically not
fit for any precise work. I applaud Sony for using a CCD.
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What about the pro and semi-pro offerings from Canon and Nikon.

What you say makes no sense.

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