TZ3, LX1 and the Quality without a name

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Re: LX1 vs LX2

Wow, impressive! Thanks for showing us!

The sunset pic was amazing! Have you ever tried underexposing and then cranking up from raw in PS?

Only if you shoot JPEG.

Friday afternoon I received four 11x14 prints of these files from
Smugmug where I had them printed with the "no crop" option, which
wound up being approximately 8x14 with strips on both long sides and
they are fabulous. Two of them were shot at ISO 100, one at ISO 200
and one at ISO 400...

This "one ISO", "shoot at ISO 100 only" stuff I hear about the LX2
all the time is an "urban myth" to quote another post, if you are
willing shoot RAW and use the noise filter in Silkypix. Mine is
easily a three ISO camera. If I need it in a pinch, it's a four ISO
camera. This was shot at ISO 800..

Going full size (100%) it's still "OK", at the "X3" size you can
choose in Smugmug it still looks great, and that is much larger than
I would ever print it....

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