Nikon 24-70 versus 17-55

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Re: Midrange zoom optimised for DX best on DX

Joseph Lab wrote:

Thanks Phil for all your time and trouble, a few more

No problem -- glad to help if I can. It's always fun to spend someone else's money.

Do you have a12-24 or similar? A bad thought occurs to me, that I
could justify the 17-55 as my wide-angle, and have both lenses! The
widest lens I have ever owned is a 24mm Olympus some years ago. I am
not sure whether I would get any joy out of an ultra wide. Buying
one just for the range between 12 and 17 and F4 to boot seems hardly

I do not have anything wider than the 17-55. I keep telling myself I will get one when the need arises but, so far, the 17-55 has filled the bill. That said, take another look at the stats from my vacation shoot. Yes, I sorely needed a 12-24 on that trip but I don't take trips too often. I'm not the landscape shooter I once was.

I was interested in your comments on the performance of the 24-70.
If it is “only” slightly better than the 28-70, then how does it
compare with the 17-55 in the F2.8-4 range?

No zoom compares to the 17-55 in that aperture range -- none. I do have indication from my friend with the 14-24 that it is possibly better than the 17-55 when shot wide but I don't have independent knowledge of that bit. He has no extensive knowledge of the 17-55 so it would probably take a side-by-side to settle the issue. I don't think the 24-70 will match it except maybe on the long end. That is what the 17-55 does. No other need apply.

I think it is your
opinion that the 17-55 was better there than the 28-70, so wither the
24-70? Some may think that we are splitting hairs here, but the
extra quality of the primes and pro zooms (not just sharpness) can be
seen at quite small magnifications once you have noticed it and want
it. Of course you know all this better than I do.

Humm -- as an across the board statement, no -- I have never said the 17-55 is "better" than the 28-70. They each have things they do well that the other doesn't do so well. Agai, in the wide aperture range, the 17-55 is clearly better, except for the boke. As for a "people" lens shot somewhat stopped down, I think the 28-70 is "better" and feel the 24-70 will improve on that aspect. That's just opinion since I have not touched the 24-70, only studied.

Oops -- got to get offline for a little while. I will post this bit and finish a little later.

To be continued.


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