Nikon 24-70 versus 17-55

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David Grabowski Veteran Member • Posts: 7,291
Same for me SS

I have the 17-55 and I'm not replacing it, it's ideal for weddings . Course too, I have the 24-85D and 70-200 which do our family portraits and thelike. I also still find use for the 50-1.8.

One day here Joseph will be biting the bullet it seems !


sjackson462000 wrote:

This has been a very good thread. I often go back and forth on adding
the 24-70 to the kit (10-20 Sigma, 17-55, 80-200 AFS, and my new
favorite the 85 1.4, plus a few odds and ends that seem to collect
dust), or to replace the 17-55 and sell th 17-55.

Often I listen to the tempting songs of the Sirens. You know, the
promise of better pictures, more keeprs, etc. The 24-70 seems like
that to me.

What broke the song for me was the purchase of the 85 1.4. My gosh
what a lens.

Between that and the 17-55, I don't see a need to add or replace.

So for me, after all the rambling is done. I'm sticking to the 17-55
for my DX cameras.

If there is and FX in the future, I'll add the 24-70. I can only
imagine how much sweeter the 85 will be on that machine.

Whatever your decision, I hope the worst picture you get from it is
better than best photo you have taken to date.

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