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Re: Fabulous - Beautiful Photography - Thank you

Hello Carolyn,

Ralphie come lately, AGAIN.

c.hammett wrote:

What a nice compliment ! Thanks a bunch.

Well, as I remember I was using my 28-135 IS in India,. For months, I
had planned to take my 17-40 L on that trip, and got off by mistake
with the 28-135 IS on the camera. I was devastated when I discovered
my mistake when we got to Mumbai, but it turned out to be the
luckiest mistake I ever made, as the 28-135 was perfect, and the
17-40 L wouldn't have allowed me to get a lot of the " bus-window "
pictures and market shots that I captured with the old faithful
28-135 IS ! I love that lens for travel, even if it sin't "L" !

That is one of the lenses I was considering, and after seeing your images, I can see in the right hands, there is great potential, and no not referring to the L , that's somewhat out of my reach.

I was using the 17-40 L in the Italy pictures as it is my favorite
Italy lens. I have no need for any other lens there.

I had the 70-300 DO IS son the 10D in the S. Africa pictures, and it
worked very well for me. I also used the 17-40 L on it for the
aerial shots of Vic. Falls, and for some of the closer images of the

The 70-300 is another one I was considering but don't think it was (DO), whatever that means.

I would never have sold the 10D because I think it is a great cameras

  • built like a tank and takes great pictures, But I have the 20D and

was getting a new 40D and I had a buyer (an architect) who wanted it,
and had waited for me to get back from my recent Kenya trip with it.
He also bought the 28-105 USM and the older 75-300 IS. He got a
great kit IMHO. And I got a good price for the whole thing. I take
good care of my equipment, so we both came out well.

I'm pleased to know you both did very well, congratulations.

If you flip through the images on my Kenya 2007 gallery, you'll see a
lot of new ones with the 10D and 24-105 L. They are mixed in with
the ones shot with my 20D and 70-300 DO IS, but camera / lens are
noted below the image.

Here is a severe crop from the 24-105 L on the 10D.

I just finished my Kenya safari, took a little more time this trip, and yes, they were about half & half with the two lenses, and without a doubt many were magnificent, at times difficult to distinguish which lens captured which image, unless one ascertained it from info below individual image, once again I'm just so impressed with the natural color tones, you helped me to make a excellent choice for the 10D.

As for my experience, I have been taking pictures for 35 + years with
an SLR shooting 100% slides. Also I was a slide curator when I was
teaching art history "in another life "!. So I do have some
experience with composition particularly. I love post processing,
but do minimal work, mostly straightening images where I've not
leveled the camera and cropping for composition. I usually do
minimal sharpening and color saturation. Having dealt with slides
for so many years, I don't think there is anything much prettier than
a saturated sharp slide on a light table with a good loupe ! So
that is my "experience" if it counts for anything !

I knew it, I knew it, I just knew it, yes, your experience does count for something, it's embedded in your photography, and without knowledgeable photographer's as yourself here, where would newbies like myself be, where would we go, learn ? I would even venture to say, we all need each other here in these forums.

Let me know if this helps or if I can give you any more info.


Carolyn you have helped me tremendously, for one I feel so much more comfortable with my purchase of the 10D, thanks to you and the many other's here who shared there knowledge and galleries with me, my decision became a no brainer.

I thank you and everyone else very much for particiapting in this thread, and yes obviously I will be needing more help, thank you.

Ralph S

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