Jpeg vs RAW (2 IMG)

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Re: Why you expect RAW to be better?

Caer wrote:

TMalford wrote:

Caer wrote:

tapir wrote:

Sorry but I can't understand that recurring assumption that default
conversion from the RAW somehow magically should be better than
in-camera JPEG.

Me either.

You are both missing something here. While I generally treat each
image individually, and do careful RAW conversions, even if one isn't
interested in post processing, images shot in RAW and batch converted
to tif using values that emulate whatever jpeg conversion you like
are inherently better than the out of camera jpeg. An 8bit/compressed
jpeg can't compare to a 16bit uncompressed file.

Depends what you do with the JPEG, and how much compression you
apply. It'll compare perfectly well for most print sizes below about
12 inches across.

"Depends" is the key word here.

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