5D successor to be announced 2008 PMA in January?

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Re: My guess is that the sensor will 16.7 mgpxls - lifted directly from the

Keeping the same sensor as the 1Ds is inconsistent with 2 and 4. So keeping the same sensor is not possible if you want lower read noise and a different AD converter. The pixel count may be the same but the sensor will be different.

And yes at 16 MP it will have better IQ than the D3. But, while the D300 seems to have a similar IQ to the D40, its IQ is perhaps a tad better.

Probably a similar feature set to the D40 as you're suggesting.

photoshrink wrote:

1Ds MKii, or maybe mildly changed and updated by great Canon
engineers. Why create a new sensor when one is available and ready?
My further guesses:
1. Mild weatherproofing a la 40D, maybe, hopefully better
2. Digic III (yeah I know, that was a tough call)
3. Ergonomics similar to fabulous ergo of 40D
4. Very High ISO's with low noise.
5. No popup flash
6. Maybe more custom shooting arrangements a la 40D (C1 - C5?)
accessible by buttons not menu selections. See next item.
7. Similar layout to 40D, maybe an independent button for changing
ISO, or turning on bracketing (though we can do this with C1-C3
buttons). Perhaps the direct print button will be programable at
last for the photographer who needs the ability to quickly change
some shooting parameter
8. I guess the camera will be superb and will outshine the Nikon D3,
as I believe the 40D outshines the D300. Of course, I'm prejudiced.
I just bought the 40D as a backup for my 5D. I gave my 20D to my son.
When I get the 5D replacement, I'll have to figure out what to do
with the 5D. Don't know if I want to have three cameras hanging
around my neck: 1)40D with 70-200 2.8 L IS, 2) 5D with 24-105 f4 L IS
and 3) 5D replacement with 16-35 II L. Never mind the concern over
theft; after a day in Venice, I'll need a week in my neurosurgeon's
OR suite.
9. I do believe and hope that the replacement is announced this week
to good reviews in DPR and the rags, so that I can get on the waiting
list. U, C, I WANT ONE!!!

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