International pentax users are sick of the fact..

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european union taxes

I'm a "cheese-eater surrender frog" and can purchase in other european union countries without any taxes, duty fees, and the product is covered by a european warranty. it works well imho.

Regarding price, I think the original poster of this thread is sad that we do not see the high euro/USD price reflected in photo gear. This is not a tax, wellfare stuff, since of computer parts the prices are following the exchange rate, price difference with Us being most of the time VAT only. I think that dSLR stuff is seen as a kind of upper-class stuff here and business analyst are thinking that the price is not preventing people to buy. this is not the same with an hard drive or a TV set.

Regarding US bashing: it is common european behaviour to have people 'bashing' the leader, the boss, the big guy, ... US is the most powerfull country in the world, hence the bashing. maybe we are jealous?

Another point for our US friends: you can be sure that we spent also a lot of time bashing ourselves in europe: between countries (English and Frenchies bashing is 1000 years old!) or even within countries (just ask about English to Irish are Scottish guys. Or ask about Paris to a south of France guy!). So do not take bashing personally. Try to appreciate the different ways of bashing No french can reach the level of irony that Brits are demonstrating.

I spent 1 year and a half in the US (1996-1997) Things were different than in Europe. cannot say better and worse, just different. different priorities, different tastes, different values. And lot of Texas bashing by New Yorkers on TV.... So bashing is not a 'the world vs US' thing

Now I did not have the opportunity to go back to US since 2001 events. Things are maybe really different now, it is hard for us to understand what is the real level of 'security paranoia' you are facing.

Take care,

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