Custom Curves for the D300

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Re: Default Tone Curve

Why didn't Nikon give it by default a correctly adjusted tone curve?

Because there is no such thing as a "correctly adjusted tone curve".

Tone curves are to a high degree a matter of personal taste - and tastes do vary. The great thing about the D300 is that it can accomodate all those personal tastes. The default settings are just a starting point. If one doesn't like them, change them.

Ever since the D100 was introduced Nikon has been bashed for "underexposure" (that is a conservatively set tone curve, not underexposure, to avoid blown highlights). My guess is they didn't want all that ranting this time (but they got it anyway). That said, the default tone curve of the "Standard" picture control setting is also set too high for my taste, like it is for you and for many others. However, it took me five minutes with Capture NX to make a curve to my satisfaction and install it in the camera, so I don't feel any need to complaint. But who knows, maybe Nikon will include more picture controls with a coming firmware update or make them available on their web site like they did with the D2X picture controls.

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